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Happy person with arms raised among the trees
Mona Gilbert, April 13, 2021

I stand in awe of a large Ash Tree, growing in my backyard for thirty-seven years. This tree not only provides wonderful shade during summer, but also is a place of rest for birds and squirrels. I can’t imagine life without trees, as they are essential to all outdoor spaces.

A group of laughing kids
Mona Gilbert, April 06, 2021

Did you know April is National Humor Month? Laughter is necessary to keep spirits lifted and hold onto a positive attitude. Reading a funny story, poem, or collection of jokes will bring a smile to your face. The Los Angeles Library provides readers with a variety of humorous books.

Girl reads a graphic novel while having a grilled ham and cheese sandwich
Mona Gilbert, March 30, 2021

The idea of adapting classic stories into a graphic novel format is intriguing. Moreover, classic books are listed on required reading book lists and are a staple of libraries. Therefore, it’s not unusual for readers to have familiarity prior to exploring alternative formats.

Group of kids with their books standing by a background of the world map
Mona Gilbert, March 23, 2021

Reading gives everyone the opportunity to travel all over the world; books provide a wonderful window into other cultures and lands. This exposure encourages tolerance and understanding of individuals that differ from you. The Los Angeles Public Library makes it easy to become a global traveler.

Young girl investigating photos with magnifying glass.
Mona Gilbert, March 16, 2021

Historical mysteries are a unique genre, as they combine the intrigue of a mystery along with a specific time period in the past. Readers of this exciting genre are treated to wonderful adventure stories while learning about another time period.

Young girls working on a science project
Mona Gilbert, March 09, 2021

In the 21st century, a wide range of STEM-related opportunities are now available to explore. Additionally, children’s authors have created appealing stories and nonfiction selections that inspire emerging scientists.

Spitzer Image of Star Factory W51 - The star-forming nebula W51 is one of the largest "star factories" in the Milky Way galaxy.
Mona Gilbert, March 02, 2021

Stars have always fascinated mankind. They are included in songs, children’s rhymes, poems, and stories. Stars have always mystified us, but their story has been unfolding throughout the ages. Here are some fun books to explore and learn more about mysterious stars and our universe.

Young girl building an electronic device
Mona Gilbert, February 23, 2021

What sparks inventors to create? One can say the ability for inventive thinking is not out of reach. Innovation flourishes when an individual possesses strong problem-solving skills, an active imagination, and has the ability to see possibilities.

Group of medical profession heroes
Mona Gilbert, February 16, 2021

Can you think of a hero in your life? It might be a relative you strongly admire or the neighbor next door who works at the local hospital to save lives. What about the kid at your school that stands up to bullies? Everyday heroes are everywhere.

Young person in time travel adventure
Mona Gilbert, February 09, 2021

The fantasy of manipulating time is a theme in many books for kids. It would be amazing to travel back in time and make different decisions that impact the future. This time travel journey is possible through books, as creative authors can transport a reader to the past, present and future.