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LAPL librarians - Ramin and Toktam holding large LAPL library card
Ramin Naderi, July 08, 2021

What happens to a dream deferred if you never take the first step to actually achieving it? Our journey began with a dream deeply rooted in the passionate pursuit of liberty and happiness in a new land.

Sanctuary Cities Map
Jack Stephens, January 30, 2017

President Donald J. Trump’s January 25, 2017 executive action threatening the withholding of federal funds to sanctuary cities, counties and states has raised again, perhaps as never before, the issue of local law enforcement involvement in immigration enforcement in the United States.

Father and son holding US flag
Lupita Leyva, April 23, 2015

¿Sabía usted que cada año aproximadamente 680 mil personas se hacen ciudadanos estadounidenses?

Citizenship Materials on Display

The Urban Libraries Council (ULC) recognized the Los Angeles Public Library as one of its ten Top Innovators for 2013 during the ULC Annual Forum, June 27-28, in Chicago.