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Nelson Riddle receives Oscar from Diahann Carroll for his outstanding achievements in music adaptation in "The Great Gatsby." 1975
Keith Chaffee, May 29, 2020

On June 1, 1921, Nelson Riddle was born. For 35 years, Riddle was one of the recording industry’s finest behind-the-scenes talents, a composer and arranger. He is best remembered today for his work as arranger and bandleader at Capitol Records in the 1950s and 1960s.

photo of visitors at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles
Christa Deitrick, May 29, 2020

We hope you’ve enjoyed the scrumdiddlyumptious poems created by Los Angeles Public Library staff members as part of our celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Thanks for sticking with us all the way to the dessert course!

Author John Scalzi and his latest novel, The Last Emperox
Daryl M., May 28, 2020

John Scalzi is a New York Times bestselling and award-winning speculative fiction author whose work has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Book covers of delicious Asian Pacific food and cooking
Sheryn Morris, May 27, 2020

Asia is the largest continent in the world, with over 40 sovereign states and territories. The boundaries between the European and Asian continents are not so easily defined. Many countries have cuisines and methods of cooking that go back centuries.

Books about plagues in fiction
Elizabeth Graney, May 26, 2020

In a world of 24-hour news cycles and constant social media updates, it can seem impossible to escape our current stressful reality. So voluntarily choosing to read even more about world-ending plagues and their effects on the human psyche may feel a bit morbid or sadistic.

Famous Chinese cuisine dishes on table
Christa Deitrick, May 26, 2020

Here they are—the last few tankas written by Los Angeles Public Library staffers in celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. It’s not too late to join in the fun by posting your own poem to Instagram.

Close-up of miniature of Jeanne d'Arc from Archives Nationales, France
Keith Chaffee, May 24, 2020

On May 30, 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake after being convicted of heresy. Joan, who was still a teenager, had become an improbable military leader and helped to rescue France from defeat in the Hundred Years’ War.

 Free language learning resources with your Los Angeles library card
Anne Olivier, May 23, 2020

¿Habla español? Parlez-vous français? No?

Now is a great time to learn a new language! Let's take a look at several different resources for language learning, available for free with your library card. Each has different strengths, so one of them should be ideal for you.

collage with pizza, watermelon and pancakes
Christa Deitrick, May 22, 2020

As we head into Memorial Day Weekend and the feasting that often involves, consider this latest group of poems as your appetizer.

Bob Dylan on his album - Bob Dylan Live 1962-1966 - Rare Performances
Keith Chaffee, May 22, 2020

On May 24, 1941, Bob Dylan was born. For almost sixty years, Dylan has been a major force in American musical and cultural life.