Teens Leading Change: Platt’s Pollinator Protectors Update

Guest Blogger,
close up of a bee with large sac of pollin on a flower and colorful painted rocks

As part of the Los Angeles Public Library’s Teens Leading Change initiative at the Platt Library, a group of devoted volunteers has brought awareness to the dwindling species of pollinators that are vital to our ecosystem. Our goal is to educate our local community and spread knowledge and promote the conservation of these endangered animals.

We will host several events over the next few months to accomplish this. These events incorporate professional presentations from local subject-matter experts and real-time hands-on activities to inform the public on the different aspects of this topic. As a culminating activity, we will build a garden filled with native plants. We hope this endeavor will ensure that our local community is continually committed and engaged in this cause forever. These events are for all ages, and anyone interested is welcome. The interactive activities will introduce and engage all the library patrons to our goals and will also be a good source of entertainment and social engagement.

During our March meetings, we prepared for future events and continued planning out the garden. After finalizing the list of plants, we started planning for the physical garden. We drew a layout of the area and took measurements. After finalizing the design, we called local nurseries to check their inventory and to start ordering plants. We also started ordering supplies needed for different events throughout the following months.

We planned to incorporate a small rock garden into the design and decided to utilize the assistance of the public by hosting a rock painting event. We painted example rocks to showcase the day of the event.

For our March event, we had the distinguished guest speaker, Master Gardener Yvonne Savio. She shared her expertise on the best edible and ornamental plants to grow during our warm seasons. Our volunteers followed up with a short presentation of different pollinators and a fun rock painting event for our garden. All rocks painted are featured in the Platt Branch Library's new urban garden.

At the end of the day, the Platt Library teen volunteers want to make a true difference and be a catalyst for change while inspiring younger generations and their extended families to socially engage and become a positive force in uplifting our community and the surroundings we live in.

—Written by Nysha P (she/her)

Nysha P. is a volunteer at the Platt Branch and a 9th-grade student at Taft Charter High School

—Jennifer Watson, Young Adult Librarian, Platt Branch

The Teens Leading Change initiative has funded and launched 39 projects across 50 branches, including 4 projects across 7 branches that are happening now!