Teens Leading Change: Platt’s Pollinator Protectors Update

Guest Blogger,
close up of a bee with large sac of pollin on a flower

My name is Aiden Lopez, and I am a freshman at El Camino Real Charter High School. Since January, I have been volunteering at the Platt Branch Library alongside our young adult librarian, Jennifer Watson. Together, we form the Pollinator Protectors group, aiming to support pollinators by creating a garden at the Platt Branch Library. Recently, our group participated in a showcase at the Central Library, where we had the opportunity to witness several other libraries hosting events centered around various causes, such as waste reduction, environmental preservation through gardening, mental health awareness, and more.

During our presentation, we emphasized the significance of pollinators in our society and distributed plantable brochures and seed bombs to the audience. These seed bombs can be planted to encourage the growth of plants that benefit pollinators. Additionally, we were thrilled to learn that Kasey Lee, one of our TLC members, received the TLC Leadership Award. We are immensely proud of her achievement.

In conclusion, I believe that this event was a resounding success. Our efforts to raise awareness about pollinators and their importance were well-received, and the distribution of plantable brochures and seed bombs added a hands-on aspect to our presentation. We look forward to continuing our work as the Pollinator Protectors and making a positive impact on our community.

—Written by Aiden.Lopez 

Aiden is a volunteer at the Platt Branch and 9th-grade student at El Camino Real Charter High School.

—Jennifer Watson, Young Adult Librarian, Platt Branch

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