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Teens Leading Change: Unity in Bloom - Beautifying Our Block

Guest Blogger,
three teens at the library

In this year's TLC project, our focus is on library beautification. As teens, our motivation for undertaking this project lies in recognizing that libraries are vital community spaces. We understand the profound impact our efforts can have in fostering a more welcoming library atmosphere that encourages community engagement. To us, library beautification isn't just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space- it is an endeavor that goes to the heart of community well-being. The significance of this topic lies in its power to weave the fabric of a more connected, engaged, and vibrant community. By focusing on beautification, we aim to transform the library into a thriving place that encourages people to visit while promoting education, culture, and a stronger sense of unity among its residents.

As the first of many steps toward achieving our project goals, we will organize workshops within the library. Through these workshops, our objective is to inform the community and encourage citizens to take the initiative to positively impact their community. We will develop a toolkit containing resources to empower residents to contact their local representatives regarding legislation related to environmental justice. As beautifying the library is a key goal, we will host a terrarium-making workshop, allowing the community to actively contribute to making the library more vibrant. A kindness garden will also be created at the library's entrance to add life to the exterior. A community trash cleanup day will also be held in the immediate area surrounding the library. By undertaking these initiatives, we aim to create a more lively atmosphere, encourage people to revisit the library, and foster greater community participation.

We extend an invitation to everyone to join our endeavor. We welcome everyone to attend our workshops, discover all the resources the Pico Union library offers, and learn how to engage with local representatives regarding neighborhood proposals. Your involvement can transform a thriving environment that reflects our shared commitment to community growth. Make sure to stay tuned for updates about our progress. From introducing kindness gardens to hosting educational workshops, every step brings us closer to revitalizing the library and reinforcing its role as the glue that brings our community closer. Together, let's create a lasting impact that echoes through the chapters of our library's story!

—Written by Marc, Karyna, & Clareen

Marc volunteers at the Pico Union Branch and is an 11th-grade student at University Preparatory Value High School.
Karyna is a volunteer at the Pico Union Branch and a 10th-grade student at Hollywood High School.
Clareen is a volunteer at the Pico Union Branch and a 10th-grade student at Orthopaedic Medical Magnet High School.

—Audora Arias-Hinton, Young Adult Librarian, Pico Union Branch Library

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