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Virtual Reality at Los Angeles Public Library

Edwin Rodarte, Senior Librarian, Emerging Technologies & Collections,
Teen using VR set at Central Library's Teen'Scape

There are many celebrations during the month of March, including Teen Tech Month which was adapted from the Young Adult Library Services Association’s Teen Tech Week. Teen Tech Month is meant to highlight the tech programs, resources and digital services available to teens at the library. With that in mind, and as part of our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) programming, we are showcasing Virtual Reality experiences at various locations throughout Los Angeles.

Virtual Reality (VR) has been gaining momentum in recent years and the availability of software and hardware have made it possible for tech and media companies to become involved in content creation. What does that mean? It means that thanks to the boost in content, we now have access to a range of immersive experiences and virtual worlds. As VR moves away from gaming and entertainment, the potential to utilize this technology for educational and social engagement continues to grow.

Imagine stepping into a virtual classroom and learning about a specific topic or visiting a far away location. This is already possible through Virtual Reality. Take a look at the following experiences that are available at the library:

Art and Creation

Create 3-dimensional art pieces and sculptures. Direct and star in your own animated movie via Mindshow and share your result via social media.


From roller coasters to interactive puzzles and games, the level of interaction is sure to leave you wanting more.


Sit down and enjoy 360 immersive experiences as you are transported to animated worlds and engaging stories. Watch documentaries, cultural videos, and other experiences that allow you to explore new worlds.

Social Interactions

Put yourself in the shoes of another by experiencing scenarios of homelessness. Explore gender and disability bias through a physical handicap and scenarios of unconscious bias.

Virtual Travel and Learning

Visit a guided tour of a museum and explore the art pieces from up close. Use Google Earth VR to travel to a dream vacation or old hometown, or even outer space.

Teen enjoying a VR experience in Central Library's Teen'Scape

VR experiences are currently available at the following library locations: Central Library, Watts, and Pio Pico - Koreatown. Reach out to each of these libraries to learn about their next program or check out the listing of STEAM programs on our events calendar.

Los Angeles Public Library has access to Oculus Rifts and HTC Vives and will eventually offer courses on 360 filmmaking and Unity coding. In addition, the library hosts programs that showcase Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality through mobile devices and Google cardboards. As technology continues to expand, the library wants to ensure that this technology is easily accessible to everyone.

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