• Biography
    • Biographical information for all individuals who have served in the United States Congress and the Continental Congress. Biographies are also included for persons who have served as delegates to Congress from the territories of the United States. Using the drop-down lists, you can create useful lists, for example, a list of all U.S. Presidents who served in the Congress.
    • Search over 7,000 biographies with photographs of notable personalities from antiquity to the present. The site is searchable by name only, and is sponsored by A&E Television Networks.

    • Find where famous people are buried, alphabetically or geographically.
    • Entire collection of more than 1,500 memoirs of deceased members of NAS, including naturalist Louis Agassiz, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Margaret Mead, and Albert Einstein.  Large photo and signature are included.

    • From the National Inventors Hall of Fame, this site provides biographical sketches of the great inventors of America. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Eli Whitney, among others.

    • Provides a biographical profile and selected bibliography for over 200 women inducted into the National Woman's Hall of Fame.
    • This is the official web site of the Nobel Foundation. There is a database of prizes and laureates that can be searched by prize category, or by name, nationality, keyword, or birth or death year.
    • OUTWORDS captures, preserves, and shares the stories of LGBTQIA2S+ elders, to build community and catalyze social change. The site contains a free, searchable collection of original video interviews. includes links to commercial retailers. The Los Angeles Public Library does not endorse or have an arrangement with any retailer listed.

    • Amazing directory of over 53,115 current and former United States Presidents and Congressmen, state & territorial Governors, U.S. Ambassadors and other diplomatic chiefs of mission, cabinet officers, mayors of many cities, and (with varying coverage) state officials and delegates to national party conventions giving the locations of their final resting places. Numerous entry points, including alphabetical, by state and office, by birth or death date, and many others.
    • A biographical directory of the 41 presidents, from Washington to Clinton. The links to presidential Internet sites include biographies, speeches, writings and where possible, audio and video clips. Election results, odd facts and presidential term highlights have been added to enrich this resource. First ladies, cabinet members, and additional important members of presidential life are also covered.