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At Home With...

Wendy Horowitz, Librarian, Photo Collection,
Nancy Reagan in her Bel Air living room

The Herald Examiner and Valley Times were local papers, covering local news, but when the locale is Los Angeles, it's likely the town's topics will involve celebrities. Prompted by publicists and producers, the famous cheerfully welcomed staff reporters into their homes to capture their everyday, off-duty lives. While the “candid” shots appeared posed, readers loved these intimate glimpses into the private world of their favorite movie and TV stars. They cooked, read and played with their children; they wore slacks, shorts, even Hawaiian shirts. Of course, upcoming premieres and episode appearances would be mentioned in the accompanying text along with some favorite recipes or beauty tips. Ironically, these features often appeared alongside the jarring contrasts of celebrity scandals, but perhaps that is what made the Valley Times and Herald Examiner so extraordinary: the sharp contrasts that make up life in L.A.


Gloria Swanson shows us how to relax poolside in the ultimate casual-chic sportswear; 1970. (Herald Examiner Collection, order #00112569)


Barbara Eden checks the seasoning on Marilyn Monroe's spaghetti sauce recipe with Mrs. Turner of the Sherman Oaks's Chamber of Commerce; 1960. (Valley Times Collection, order #00113331)


Jayne Mansfied introduces readers to Mariska, the latest addition to the Hargitay family; 1964. (Valley Times Collection, order #00091584)


Audrey Hepburn and husband Mel Ferrer display their miniature collection; 1958. (Herald Examiner Collection, order #00095326)


William Holden and wife Brenda Marshall spend some quality time with their boys. 1956. (Herald Examiner Collection, order #00128153)

Edith Head

Edith Head, busy at work in the kitchen of her Coldwater Canyon home; 1964. (Valley Times Collection, order #00130630)

Gig Young

Elizabeth Montgomery and husband Gig Young on the steps of their Laurel Canyon house, consider the perfect place to mount their new Lois Black painting; 1960. (Valley Times Collection, order #00109774)


Even Lassie gets a visit from the Valley Times, with her trainer Rudd Weatherwax at the ranch in Newhall; 1957. (Valley Times Collection, order #00112232)