The Search for Zines Begins Here

Angi Brzycki, Senior Librarian, Digitization & Special Collections,
colorful collection of zines

Did you know that we have over 1200 zines in our catalog? That number will continue to grow as we regularly add zines to our collection. Seven of our libraries host zine collections that you can browse, borrow, and read:

If you can't make it to any of these locations, you can find a zine in our catalog, place a hold, and have it sent to your local library. Here’s how.

  • Step 1

Go to our catalog and click on the Advanced Search function.

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  • Step 2

Choose Call Number in the drop down menu, and type in zine.

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  • Step 3

All zines will be listed. If you would like to see the zine collection for a particular library, change the location search. Check the box of the location(s) you would like to see.

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  • Step 4

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Place a hold on a zine, just like you place holds on other items in the library. Sit back and relax; your zines are on their way!

Zines to Check Out!

Book cover for Mind Songs
Mind Songs
Sakugawa, Yumi

A spiritual art zines featuring poetry and illustration, a collaboration between Taleen Kali and Yumi Sakugawa.

Book cover for Lost/Found

Second issue of SRZ (Skid Row Zine), an independent zine celebrating the vibrancy and voices of Skid Row. Art, essays and poetry.

Book cover for Koreangry 1
Koreangry 1
Jeong, Eunsoo

Using handmade puppet of bold, ruthless, raw, “angry” alter-ego character, the creater shares their struggles living as a Korean-American immigrant woman in Los Angeles.

Book cover for Homocats: Join the Resistance
Homocats: Join the Resistance
Morrison, J.

HOMOCATS fight phobias, propose equal rights, combat cultural stereotypes, and challenge social norms.

Book cover for Frontier. Hellen Jo. #2
Frontier. Hellen Jo. #2
Jo, Hellen

Frontier #2: Hellen Jo features 32 full-color pages of paintings, pencils, and notebook scribbling by Hellen Jo.

Book cover for Flight School
Flight School
Benn, Katie

This riso printed zine chronicles 15 years of mastering flying dreams.

Book cover for Both, and Then Some: Tales of the Inbetween
Both, and Then Some: Tales of the Inbetween
Lindell, Lawrence

An illustrated comic zine about bi-sexuality.

Book cover for Toeminator 2: Judgment Day
Toeminator 2: Judgment Day
Fligner, Brian

A zine full of feet illustrations and jokes. "Goth feet listen to the Pedicure"

Book cover for Prince Food: All the Food in Prince's Songs
Prince Food: All the Food in Prince's Songs
Workman, Martine