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What's in a Name? More Acrostic Poems by Library Staff

Christa Deitrick, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
Colorful graphic of acrostic poems words
More Acrostic Poems by Library Staff

Read on for the second batch of astonishing acrostics written by the bards of the Los Angeles Public Library!

Ruma floats in the foreground of a mysterious river.

R iver
U nbound
M ystery
A mbiguous

Rhonda’s photo hangs on a wall beside an animal jigsaw puzzle—one of her favorite hobbies.

R esilient
H onorably discharged from the Army after 22 years
O bedient
N atural (no more dye or chemicals)
D emocratic
A daptable

A waterfall flows out of a book, representing Leah’s love of reading and imagination.

L ives in stories
E mbraces the fantastic
A dreamer with her head in the clouds
H appiest when exploring

Glen strikes a pose in a beard, hat, and glasses, looking very much the proper poet.

G rand
L iterary
E xpression…
N ah!

Alicia looks soulfully into the distance, her cheek resting on one hand.

A ltruistic to the core
L oner by nature with an
I ndigo heart and soul,
C ynical from experience,
I solate to a fault
A rdent about learning

Connie’s face grins out of the Capricorn goat, which is her astrological sign.

C apricorn
O ffbeat
N erd
N ot afraid to laugh out loud!
I mpressed by babies
E xperimental (a little)

A glamorous girl wearing colorful sunglasses represents Jessie’s flair for fun.

J ust as beautiful as the sun rises
E xtremely gorgeous
S he is silly and has a good soul
S uper wonderful
I ncredibly intelligent
E xtra outgoing and funny

L oving and caring in every way possible
E xcellent in so many ways
E ats every food she sees

A young girl surrounded by stacks of books represents Mara’s lifelong love of reading.

M ostly
A lways
R eading
A nything

The word “Love” inside a turquoise heart shape.

L ight
O utgoing
V ictorious
E xciting

Close-up of a gorgeous cat’s face with piercing green eyes.

T ortitude—I have it
I am the queen
G o away
E ats everything
R eady for fun
L ove y’a
I am still the queen
L eave me alone
Y ou talking to me?

A friendly dolphin swims toward the camera—it is one of Alicia’s favorite animals.

A ppreciate
L ife
I nclude
C ompassion
I nspire
A gapé

Julie holds a book in front of a swirling pink background, representing her effervescent personality and love of reading.

J ubilant jujyfruit
U vulaic undulation
L ackadaisically libertine
I ndolently insatiable
E ffervescent echidna

The third and final crop of acrostics is coming your way soon. Check them (and lots of other cool stuff) out on the Literature & Fiction Department’s Instagram page.