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James Sherman, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department



Collage of books based on Los Angeles neighborhoods

The California Fiction Index: Invitation to Explore Los Angeles Neighborhoods

June 30, 2020

Aldous Huxley described Los Angeles as “nineteen suburbs in search of a metropolis"—and didn’t mean it as a compliment. In fact, the diversity of Los Angeles is one of its greatest strengths. The Los Angeles Times mapping project claims there are 114 neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles.

Collage of autobiographical audiobooks

Autobiographical Audiobooks, Read by the Author

June 24, 2020

Actor biographies are consistently one of the most popular parts of the Literature Department holdings. The extremely large collection features biographies and autobiographies of film stars, comedians, and television performers.

Girl reading a book on her tablet

A Room of One's Own: Reading While Sheltering in Place

April 28, 2020

Sure we’re still staying put, and while social distancing has nipped our spring plans in the bud, it’s also great to have the time to slow down and read! Why not take a look at some fiction about people who are also sheltering in place?

Tessa Kelso, former City Librarian

Tessa Kelso: Library Hall of Famer

March 19, 2019

As the Los Angeles Public Library celebrates Women’s History Month, it’s appropriate to remember Tessa Kelso, sixth city librarian for Los Angeles (1889-1895).

John Lee and the cover of four of the audiobooks he has narrated

Reading Aloud: Interview With John Lee, Audiobook Narrator

April 04, 2018

John Lee has acted in productions at theatres around the country and is about to embark on the role of Malvolio in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night for Parson’s Nose Theatre in Pasadena.

Book covers

Three Asian Angeleño Mysteries

May 23, 2017

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, why not read a mystery? Try these three great mystery writers of Asian Angeleño heritage who plot intriguing yarns and use the settings of Los Angeles as a background as well as a point of departure.

Joseph Hansen

Remembering Joseph Hansen: Father of the Gay Mystery Novel

June 17, 2016

“The point of fiction is to give the reader for a few hours the chance to be somebody else, to broaden and deepen his understanding of himself and the strangers among whom he has to pass his days. The best novels do this now as they have always done it. It is a noble thing.”

Tessa Kelso, city librarian 1889

Tessa Kelso: Sinful City Librarian

September 26, 2014

Banned Books Week offers the opportunity to introduce one of the most colorful librarians in city history and her battle with the moralistic mugwumps of fin de siecle Los Angeles.