Eric J. Guignard and his book Exploring Dark Short Fiction
Daryl M., October 14, 2021

Eric J. Guignard is a writer and editor of dark and speculative fiction, operating from the shadowy outskirts of Los Angeles, where he also runs the small press Dark Moon Books.

Author Alix E Harrow and her latest book, Spindle Splintered
Daryl M., October 07, 2021

A former academic and adjunct, Alix E. Harrow is a Hugo-award winning writer living in Virginia with her husband and their two semi-feral kids.

Selected novels by Simon R. Green
Daryl M., September 30, 2021

Simon R. Green is the New York Times best-selling author of more than sixty science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels.

Josh Ritter and his latest novel, The Great Glorious Goddamn of It All
Tina Lernø, September 28, 2021

Josh Ritter is a songwriter and novelist from Moscow, Idaho.

Nathalia and her children albums
Edwin Rodarte, September 23, 2021

Nathalia, a native of Colombia, moved to the US to attend the Berklee College of Music and later began her career as a music therapist and early childhood music educator. Since 2012, she has recorded and released four children’s albums, which were all co-produced and performed by Grammy award winners.

Author Cadwell Turnwell and his latest novel, No Gods, No Monsters
Daryl M., September 23, 2021

Cadwell Turnbull is a graduate from the North Carolina State University’s Creative Writing M.F.A. in Fiction and English M.A. in Linguistics. Turnbull is also a graduate of Clarion West 2016.

Artur Laperla and his children's series Superpatata
Laura Duncan, September 21, 2021

Artur Díaz, más conocido como Artur Laperla, es autor de la serie infantil Superpatata, editada por Bang Ediciones dentro de su colección Mamut, de la que ya lleva publicados 10 títulos. Superpatata se publica en varios países y ha sido traducido a ocho idiomas.

Dúo Karma and their books, Firmamento and Abre la ventana
Dinorah Pinelo, September 17, 2021

Dúo Karma es un equipo creativo y multigalardonado de la Habana, Cuba. Durante más de 20 años, los fundadores Xóchitl Galán y Fito Hernández han estado mezclando sus talentos como músicos, artistas audiovisuales y autores para llegar a una amplia audiencia de niños y adultos.

Margarita Engle and her books, Your Heart, My Sky and A Song of Frutas
Phoebe Swan Guiot, September 16, 2021

Margarita Engle is the Cuban-American author of many verse novels, memoirs, and picture books, including The Surrender Tree, Enchanted Air, Drum Dream Girl, and Dancing Hands.

Author Sara Nisha Adams and her debut novel, The Reading List
Daryl M., September 16, 2021

Sara Nisha Adams is a writer and editor. She lives in London and was born in Hertfordshire to Indian and English parents.