photo of Johnny Cash and text that reads music monday
Keith Chaffee, February 26, 2018

On February 26, 1932, Johnny Cash was born. For almost fifty years, Cash was a major figure in American popular music. He was best known as a country singer, but also frequently recorded gospel music, and had several early rockabilly hits.

album artwork for Janiva Magness and her photo
Tina Lernø, February 21, 2018

We are so lucky to kick off our third season of LA Made performances at Central Library this Sunday February 25 with the incomparable Blues Singer, Janiva Magness.

a graphic that contains a painting of George Handel
Keith Chaffee, February 19, 2018

On February 23, 1685, George Frideric Handel was born. Handel was one of the great composers of the Baroque era, particularly noted for his operas and oratorios. His oratorio Messiah has become a standard part of the Christmas season, with annual performances in many large cities.

Portrait of W. E. B. Du Bois
Keith Chaffee, February 20, 2018

On February 23, 1868, W. E. B. Du Bois was born. Du Bois was a sociologist and historian, and an important leader of the early African-American civil rights movement.

an image of a blue sky and green grassy hills with the text, Random Acts of Kindness day
Keith Chaffee, February 13, 2018

In 1982, writer Anne Herbert put a more positive spin on the expression "random acts of violence and senseless acts of cruelty," arguing that we should instead practice "random kindness and senseless acts of beauty." Today, her sentiment is most commonly expressed as "random acts of kindness," and Feb

Music Monday image of a traditionally dressed Japanese woman in a kimono, looking out a window. A view of cherry blossom trees are present
Keith Chaffee, February 12, 2018

On February 17, 1904, Giacomo Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly had its premiere performance at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy. It tells the story of a tragic romance between a young Japanese woman and an American naval officer.

photo of Carole King
Keith Chaffee, February 05, 2018

Carole King was born on February 9, 1942. King is a singer-songwriter, best known for the many pop hits she wrote in the 1960s (with her then-husband, Gerry Goffin), and for her 1971 album Tapestry.

cartoon clouds in the sky, raining graphic
Keith Chaffee, January 30, 2018

On February 5, 1745, John Jeffries was born. Jeffries was one of the first systematic observers of weather in the American colonies, making daily measurements of the Boston weather beginning in 1774. In his honor, his birthday is celebrated as National Weatherperson's Day.

photograph of Rick James
Keith Chaffee, January 29, 2018

Rick James was born on February 1, 1948. James was an R&B singer, songwriter, and producer who was at his most popular in the late 1970s and 1980s.