Computer Skills & Free E-Mail Accounts

  • Computer Skills & Free E-Mail Accounts
    • Computer Skills
      • Free basic learning tools with a growing collection of self-directed tutorials to increase digital literacy to learn or help learners, provided by the Public Library Assn.  Zipcode search available to find community support programs.  Click on LEARN for basic computer tutorials. 

      • Free tutorials on a variety of computer basics and programs (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access), Reading, Math (basics like subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, times tables and percents). Free registration.

      • Comcast's free Internet Essentials online Learning Center helps you get started with websites on Job Resources, Healthcare Resources, Educational Resources, Financial Resources Protection, e-mail and social media basics, videos & tutorials. In Spanish also.

      • When do I use the Internet and when do I use a database?

      • Dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology.
    • Evaluating Internet Resources
    • Internet Sites that Offer Free E-Mail Accounts
    • Searching the Internet
      • This guide covers information on evaluating any kind of information source online..

    • Software Basics
    • Tutorials
      • Library & Catalog
        • Enhanced Catalog Video Tutorials
        • Traditional Catalog Video Tutorials
      • Mouse
        • A series of exercises to practice using the computer mouse.