Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department



Collage of books adapted into movies

Read it First: From Memoir to Movie

January 06, 2021

Happy New Year! Was there ever a year more happily left in the dust? As we say goodbye to a universally tragic and trying year, we may be looking ahead with some trepidation. Will 2021 bring us the respite we so desperately need?

Christmas films adapted from books

Read it First! Seasonal Stories

December 21, 2020

This difficult year is, once again, taking its toll on beloved holidays and traditions. As we find ourselves separated from family and friends during a time of celebration, we could all use some good old fashioned holiday cheer.

Collage of books adapted to films

Read it First! Celebrating Jewish Authors

December 07, 2020

This year the Hanukkah holiday will begin on Thursday, December 10, and continue through Friday, December 18. With social distancing encouraged and travel restricted, it will be a quiet holiday for most this year.

Collage of films adapted from books

Read it First! Straight to the Small Screen

November 06, 2020

It has now been seven months since the original wave of business closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means it has been seven months since new films have been regularly released in movie theaters. That equals a lot of films that missed their original release date.

Collage of scary books made into films

Read it First! Spooky Stories, Terrifying Tales, Freaky Films and Fiction

October 02, 2020

With trick or treating discouraged and haunted houses officially canceled, this year’s Halloween will be a bit more low key. But that doesn’t mean it has to be less frightening! We’ve got plenty of scary books and their film adaptations to keep you up through these long dark nights.

Collage of books by Latinx authors

Read it First! Latino Heritage Month

September 15, 2020

September 15 - October 15 is Latino Heritage month wherein we celebrate the achievements of Latinx people and recognize their contributions to American culture. Each year during this time, the Literature & Fiction department pulls together books by Latinx and Spanish language authors to honor their work.

Collage of Primetime Emmy Award nominees adapted from books

A Literary Guide to the 2020 Emmy Awards

September 11, 2020

Every September, the Primetime Emmy Awards are handed out, celebrating the best that television had to offer from the previous season. Usually, this event entails the red carpet, designer dresses, flashing lights, and giant crowds. Well, this year is going to be a little bit different.

Collage of films adapted from classic books

Read it First: Classic Literature on Film

August 03, 2020

From the time we first learn to read, we are steered towards “the classics.” FromThe Velveteen Rabbit to War and Peace, these novels are touted as enlightening, world expanding, and, sometimes, enjoyable reads. But what, exactly, is a “classic” novel?

Books made to popular musicals

Beyond Hamilton: More Musicals Based on Books

July 15, 2020

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton: An American Musical took the world by storm when it premiered in 2015. Combining American history with modern music styles and traditional period costumes with non-traditional casting, it pioneered a new style of musical.

Collage of famous authors

Read it First: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

July 08, 2020

Last month we took a look at the lives of famous authors as shown in popular films. And while that was a fun way to learn more about the authors we know and love, we all know that sometimes films take creative license to make their stories more interesting.