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Collage of picture books with Sephardic representation
Meredith Sires, May 22, 2023

Last week, I came across a perfect Mother’s Day gift in the form of Mazal Bueno! a new board book by Sarah Aroeste sprinkled with Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish language of Sephardic Jews.

a collection of French books
David Turshyan, January 07, 2023

Here is a riddle in French:

  • Je parle toutes les langues et j'ai tout le temps la tête à l'envers. Qui suis-je?
  • I speak all languages, and I always have my head upside down. Who am I?

Collage of 2020 Best of Chinese book covers

新冠病毒大流行改變了人們的生活方式,但並沒有終止我們閱讀的習慣。 在2020年即將結束之際,我們列出中文館員的推薦和高人氣的作品,供您參考。只要登入您的圖書館帳戶,在缐上目錄預訂資料,選擇鄰近的圖書館室外取書服務地點(Library To Go) ,並耐心等候我們的通知,到館領取預訂的資料後就可以開始享受閱讀!

colorful close up of herbs and spices
Ana Campos, December 27, 2019

Beginning a new year has many of us pledging to change our diet so we can lose a few pounds. But eating healthier food is so much more than just maintaining and managing our weight. For better or worse, everything we eat and drink has an impact on our bodies and well-being.

wooden spoon and bowl of honey next to a lemon
Ana Campos, October 02, 2019

When we think of health and wellness, diet and exercise usually come to mind. But we can also include self-care—personal grooming and hygiene as part of maintaining our overall physical and mental well-being.

wooden spoon and bowl of honey next to a lemon
Ana Campos, October 01, 2019

Cuando pensamos en la salud y el bienestar, generalmente nos viene a la mente la dieta y el ejercicio. Pero también podemos incluir el autocuidado del aseo personal y la higiene como parte del mantenimiento general de nuestro bienestar físico y mental.

3 books in Spanish
Ana Campos, August 17, 2019

Todos hemos escuchado sobre la importancia de mantener nuestros cuerpos activos, pero por alguna razón u otra es algo a lo cual no le damos prioridad. La inactividad de nuestros cuerpos resulta en enfermedades como el colesterol alto, diabetes y la obesidad, entre otras.

house graphic with Spanish books inside
Ana Campos, August 08, 2019

Es tiempo de organizar tu hogar y tu vida. Si no sabes por dónde comenzar, recuerda que en la biblioteca tenemos muchos libros que pueden ayudarte.

4 Spanish book covers
Ana Campos, July 27, 2019

El billonario estadounidense Warren Buffett dijo que la decisión más importante que puedes tomar en tu vida es escoger tu pareja. La persona que escoges para compartir el resto de tu vida es la persona quien te apoyará cuando las cosas no vayan bien y quien te brindará muchos momentos de felicidad.

Classic Poetry or the Book of Songs written in traditional Chinese characters against a Chinese painting.
Julie Shu, March 06, 2019

Ancient Chinese classic poems are complex works of art. As far back as 3,000 years ago, Chinese poets composed the beautiful work called Book of Songs and Elegies of the South. They later created more splendid poetry during the Tang and Song dynasties.