latinx heritage month


Author Daniel Acosta and his debut novel, Iron River
Deborah Spector, September 14, 2022

Daniel Acosta’s fiction has appeared in Nuestro and Lowrider magazines, in Homenaje a la Ciudad de Los Angeles, an anthology of Latino writing celebrating the bicentennial of the city of Los Angeles, and in the Fall, 2014 and Fall, 2016 Issues of Label Me Latina/o.

Ericka Sanchez, cookbook author of ¡Buen provecho! and Aguas Frescas and Paletas
Llyr Heller, September 12, 2022
Ericka Sanchez is a cookbook author, recipe developer, food stylist and the creator of the award-winning website

Author Yuyi Morales and her children books, Dreamers and Lucero
Anna Avalos, September 09, 2022

Born in Xalapa, Mexico, the city of flowers and springs. After migrating to the US in 1994, Yuyi struggled with English and loneliness in a culture foreign to her but found solace in public libraries, where she read children's books with her son and discovered a renewed interest in stories and art.

Author Duncan Tonatiuh and his books, Feathered Serpent and The Five Suns: A Mesoamerican Creation Myth, Undocumented: A Worker's Fight, and La princesa y el guerrero: Historia de dos volcanes
Eva Mitnick, September 06, 2022

Duncan Tonatiuh es un galardonado autor-ilustrador. Es Mexicano y Estadounidense. Creció en San Miguel de Allende, México y se graduó de la Parsons School of Design y de Eugene Lang College en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Artist Kat Fajardo and her graphic novel, Miss Quinces
Patricia Valdovinos, September 02, 2022

Kat Fajardo is an award-winning comic artist who loves making playful art about self-acceptance and Latine culture for young readers. Kat is known for their self-published autobiographical zines such as Gringa! and Bandida.

Author David Bowles and his books, Clockwork Curandera and Tales of the Feathered Serpent
Llyr Heller, August 30, 2022

David Bowles is a Mexican American author and translator from south Texas, where he teaches at the University of Texas Río Grande Valley. He has written over two dozen award-winning titles, most notably They Call Me Güero and My Two Border Towns.

Illustrator and writer Mirelle Ortega and her book, Love Sugar Magic
Llyr Heller, August 26, 2022

Mirelle Ortega is a Mexican illustrator and writer for kidlit and Animation based in Los Angeles, CA.

Author Claudia Castro Luna and her book, Cipota Under the Moon
Deborah Spector, August 23, 2022

Claudia Castro Luna served as Washington’s State Poet Laureate (2018 – 2021), is an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellow, and Seattle’s inaugural Civic Poet (2015-2017).

young Latinx women looking concerned
Guest Blogger, August 19, 2022

The Latinx community has fallen victim to the growing mental health crisis across the United States.

Author Daniel A. Olivas and his book, How to Date a Flying Mexican: New and Collected Stories
Deborah Spector, August 19, 2022

Daniel A. Olivas is the author of ten books, including How to Date a Flying Mexican: New and Collected Stories (University of Nevada Press), and Crossing the Border: Collected Poems (Pact Press).